Chinese stars who are huge fans of BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Even these Chinese celebrities can’t help but fall for Lisa’s charm. 

Although BLACKPINK’s Lisa has not been active much in China, her impact in this country is no joke. She landed CF deals, was invited to be a dance mentor on the famous survival show “Youth With You”. Not only is Lisa loved by Chinese fans but also Chinese celebrities.

Blackpink Lisa thumbnail
Lisa is very popular in China 

Cantopop diva Joey Yung recently went to BLACKPINK’s concert and posted about it on her Instagram story. She even wrote “I love Lisa” to express her particular fangirl’s heart for BLACKPINK’s main dancer. 

Joey Yung Lisa
Joey Yung went to BLACKPINK’s concert
Joey Yung
She showed love for Lisa 

Another well-known fan of Lisa in the Chinese entertainment industry is singer-actress Esther Yu. She was a contestant on “Youth With You” where Lisa was a mentor and continued to openly show her affection and admiration for the member of BLACKPINK

Esther Yu once shared, “Lisa is part of the reason why I joined Youth With You 2. The power of idolizing an excellent artist is that we can learn a lot from them.”

Yu Shuxin Lisa
Esther Yu always had heart eyes for Lisa
Yu Shuxin Lisa
Esther Yu wore the same clothes as Lisa

Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang is also in love with Lisa’s top-tier talents and visuals. When Lisa was active in China as a survival show coach, Rainie Yang took the opportunity to get close to her. 

She publicly told her husband Li Ronghao and best friend Wilber Pan on Weibo, “We have been close for years, is it too much if I ask you to introduce me to Lisa?”  

Rainie Yang
Rainie Yang wanted her husband and bestfriend to introduce her to Lisa
Rainie Yang Lisa
Due to this, she accidentally let it slip that Wilber Pan will be joining the 3rd season of “Youth With You”

During filming, Li Ronghao told Lisa that his wife is a huge fan, to which Lisa expressed her surprise. The female idol then showed her gratitude towards the couple, and even tried to pronounce Rainie Yang’s name correctly, drawing excitement.

Meanwhile, Darren Wang is also a “hard-core” fan of Lisa. Not only did he make a cover of Lisa’s “Attention” choreography, he also asked Cai Xukun to connect him and the BLACKPINK member.

Blackpink lisa
Lisa got surprised when she learned that Li Ronghao’s wife is her fan

Unfortunately, the actor was unable to achieve his dream, seeing that Cai Xukun did not have Lisa’s contact. In the end, he posted his hilarious dancing attempt, hoping to gain Lisa’s attention.

Cai Xukun
Darren Wang requested Cai Xukun to connect him to Lisa but failed
blackpink lisa
The male actor once said that Lisa is his ideal type 

As Lisa is extremely adored by top Chinese stars, her popularity and influence in China can be said to be irrefutable.

Source: yan

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