“Three years of constant suffering”… (Sistar) Hyolyn is a school bully?

An article claiming school violence by a celebrity has emerged amid the controversy over bullies by Yoo Young Hyun, a former member of the band Zannabi.

On May 25, an article titled “Bullies Me Too, it’s grudge” was posted on an online community. The writer named A claimed that she attended the same middle school as former Sistar member Hyolyn five years ago and was constantly bullied.

According to A, she was constantly beaten by Hyolyn for three years from her first year of middle school. “I was repeatedly robbed of my clothes, cash, etc. and assaulted at the playground of my apartment for all kinds of reasons,” A said. “My friend was called to a karaoke room and even got hit on the head by a mic.

The reason she bullied me was because her boyfriend’s name was the same as my boyfriend’s name,” she said.

It was amazing that I didn’t commit suicide for three years,” A said and added, “I wanted to have a car accident because I had to be the target of Hyolyn’s anger on the way to school.

Afterwards, A asked for an apology through her friend, but she did not receive any. Rather, she even had to hear the vindictive words like “How have grown now?” when bumping into each other on the bus.

Though 15 years has passed, A still couldn’t get out of her terrible memories, and when she watches TV and sees Hyorin, she can’t enjoy the song and has to change the channel.

Last year, A took courage to demand an apology once again from her Instagram direct message, but still no reply came.

Lastly, A said “It’s disgusting to see a school bully show up on TV with a clean image and work as a singer.

Sources: Nate

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