Chef Lee Yeon Bok proves to be a sensational icon in the U.S. thanks to BTS Jin 

Chef Lee Yeon Bok received cheers from American middle school students because of his closeness to BTS. 

In the 11th episode of JTBC’s “K-tray” aired on June 3rd, Lee Yeon Bok and the School Meal Corps were sweating to prepare for “same-day meal distribution” at Lexington Middle School in the United States.


The members of “K-Tray” first prepared chicken soup for the children of Lexington Middle School. However, after a quick survey, they found out that many children preferred spicy food, so they changed the main menu to braised spicy chicken. In addition, they served dried laver and sanjeok as side dishes.


At first, the team faced a crisis of not being able to make braised spicy chicken due to the lack of firepower. Fortunately, they completed the dish with Chef Lee Yeon Bok’s base. After wrapping up the cooking, members of the “K-Tray” went outside to have a look at the school.


In addition, after seeing the members of the food program, the schoolchildren began shouting, “BTS”. In response, Lee Yeon Bok explained, “I’m a friend of BTS, and BTS member Jin has a lot of pictures of me on his SNS”. The members greeted the students back and wished them a happy meal. 

Source: Nate 

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