ENA, 0% again…The title is “Battle for Happiness”, the reality is “Battle of Fall”

ENA is at stake. They gathered all the famous actresses in their 40s, but it was useless. The ratings are still in the 0% range.

ENA’s new work “Battle for Happiness” premiered on May 31st. “Battle for Happiness” is about mothers who are engaged in fierce social media competitions to destroy each other’s happiness for their own. When one of their group dies mysteriously, a bigger battle thus unfolds as one among them wants to hide the truth, while another wants to reveal it.


As it focused on the five female narratives, it cast all the famous actresses, including “My Liberation Notes” Lee El, “Believer” Jin Seo Yeon, “Gold Mask” Cha Ye Ryun, “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” Park Hyo Joo and Woo Jung Won appeared.

However, despite an intense opening with Oh Yu Jin (Park Hyo Joo)’s death, the ratings remained low. Episode 1 received a rating of 0.7%, and although episode 2 slightly improved with 0.9%, it still stayed within the 0% range.


There are many reasons for the poor ratings of “Battle for Happiness”. First of all, “Battle for Happiness” reminds us of previous works such as “Sky Castle” and “The Lady in Dignity” in that it deals with housewives’ desires. In fact, director Kim Yoon Cheol of “Battle for Happiness” directed “The Lady in Dignity”.

The actors’ acting skills are also a problem. Overall, all five actresses put a lot of effort into their performances, but viewers could not fully immerse themselves in the drama due to some actresses’ awkward dialogue tones. 

Furthermore, the fact that the actresses are married and raising children made their unconvincing acting even more noticeable. Excessive expressions and stuffy vocalizations made viewers uncomfortable, especially considering that their roles are not much different from their real lives.

To make matters worse, ENA’s identity confusion also contributed to the slump. As a new company, ENA still finds it difficult to find their identity. Their genre and target audience are also different. OCN was a latecomer channel, but they focused on dramas with strong colors so that viewers could clearly recognize “OCN dramas”.

ENA recently announced that they will invest more than 500 billion won over the next three years to produce 30 dramas and 300 entertainment shows. But they cannot do everything they want. Considering the current situation, industry experts point out that the focus should be on what kind of content to create rather than making a lot of content.


ENA dramas other than “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” suffered from poor ratings (0~3%). Considering that “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” recorded the highest rating of 17.5%, it is a very disappointing report card.

ENA is busy producing works one after another without identity. It’s time to show viewers what ENA’s unique color is.

Source: daum

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