“Cheer Up” Han Ji Hyun “Taking on my first lead role was scary… I’m grateful for even the 2% rating”

Han Ji Hyun expressed the pressure she felt as she took on her first lead role.

In an interview with SpotTV News on December 14th, Han Ji Hyun said, “I was so scared” and “I thought that the seniors were really amazing.”

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Han Ji Hyun led SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Cheer Up” as Do Hae Yi, a new member of the cheerleading squad at Yeonhee University. Han Ji Hyun, who shot to stardom through “Penthouse”, landed her first lead role in “Cheer Up”.

Han Ji Hyun said, “It was so scary. It was the first time I approached the viewers as a main character, and if I couldn’t act, there was no one to cover me. I thought my seniors are amazing.” 

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She continued, “While preparing, I talked a lot with the director. Hae Yi is the central character in the drama and there are many people she meets, so there are no scenes that I don’t appear in. I asked what I should focus more on, but the director said that I should do my best in every scene. So I did my best in every scene.” 

Han Ji Hyun added, “It seems that I have grown more in acting. Hae Yi has grown, but I have also grown. I think ‘Cheer Up’ is a comforting and warm drama.”

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“Cheer Up” also left regrets with low viewership ratings of only 2% compared to its popularity.

Regarding this, Han Ji Hyun said, “I am so grateful for even that. I am thankful that people would watch my drama. It was my first lead role so thank you for watching my hard work. I don’t know if I’ll be able to greet you in this kind of work again.”

Source: Nate. 

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