Changmo revealed that a U.S rapper stole his album cover, “I’m at loss for words, I can only laugh at it”

Rapper Changmo drew attention as he recently revealed that his album cover photo was stolen.

On the afternoon of February 25th, Changmo posted a photo on his Instagram Story and said, “He stole my artwork wtf I’m out of words, I can only laugh at it”. The male rapper also shared the Instagram story of the artist who worked on the cover and added the caption “artwork by rowdee”. The released photo contained the cover photo of a single called “Whatever You Want” released by an American rapper named “The Boyboy West Coast”.

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However, this single cover looked exactly the same as the cover of Changmo’s 2nd full album “UNDERGROUND ROCKSTAR”. Nevertheless, The Boyboy West Coast made a post on Instagram in November last year and explained about the album cover, saying, “The color was only used for the artistic concept during the photoshoot”.


Changmo’s 2nd full album was released on November 11th last year. Meanwhile, The Boyboy West Coast’s single release date was November 19th. That’s why many people are pouring out criticisms towards the American rapper.


Netizens who knew this responded, “This is so ridiculous”, “They used it without asking for permission?”, “Isn’t the man in the cover Changmo?”, “What photoshoot, didn’t you just took it away”. Meanwhile, Changmo, who was born in 1994 and has turned 28 this year, announced the news of him joining the military and expressed his feelings through Instagram Story earlier on the same day.

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