Rapper Changmo was criticized for calling people under 180cm tall losers and disrespecting the Joseon dynasty 

Rapper Changmo got into controversies over his inappropriate statements on Instagram.

In the early morning of February 7th, Changmo posted a photo on his Instagram story with a short caption saying, “Loser motherf**kers’ characteristics: can’t earn money under 180.”

rapper changmo

Changmo made other posts saying, “Men and women fighting each other are all motherf**kers. Share respect and love with each other,” “Men and women don’t fight please,” and “Everyone, just live without comparing yourself with others.”

rapper changmo

He also posted a photo of Gyeongbokgung Palace’s Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, saying, “I hate Joseon, but this is cool.”

rapper changmo

Netizens who encountered the post showed various reactions, such as “I think it’s a joke,” “Are you saying people can’t make money under 1,800,000 won (Korean minimum salary) or they can’t make money if they are under 180cm tall?” “Is this hip-hop?” and “I lost because I’m only 179cm.”

Meanwhile, Changmo said on his Instagram last month, “I’m going to the army early next year (2022). If I go, I really want to overcome my tedious alcohol dependence,” he said.

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