Chaeyeon & Chaeryeong Sisters Faced Malicious Comments During Debut Days, “Mom Was Very Upset”

Singer Lee Chae-yeon met with Rain and confessed her feelings about malicious comments she received when she just debuted

On July 4th, the YouTube channel “Season B Season” uploaded a new content video featuring the guest appearance of female solo singer Lee Chae-yeon. Lee Chae-yeon met with MC Rain and shared various talks.

That day, Rain asked Lee Chae-yeon about her relationship with her sisters. Lee Chae-yeon confessed, “My family has three sisters. I’m two years older than ITZY’s Chaeryeong and seven years older than our youngest sister.” Rain commented, “The youngest must be pretty, too”, Chaeyeon replied, “I don’t know, because she has never appeared on camera”, drawing laughter.

lee chae yeon

In the meantime, Lee Chae-yeon also recalled when she faced malicious comments during the early days of her debut together with Chaeryeong. She said, “We both made our debut and received a lot of hateful comments. Seeing too many negative posts about us, our mom was very upset”.

Revealing that she had overcome malicious comments, Lee Chae-yeon shared, “Mom is happy now. I’ve been active for 7 years and my sister is also in her 6th year of activities, so we are not affected by malicious comments anymore. I think Mom just wants us to make a lot of money now because she doesn’t want us to worry about money. Fortunately, the fortune teller said I will be doing very well from now on”.

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