British Media Call Min Hee-jin is a “Hero” Who Resists the Korean Workplace Patriarchy”

Netizens show support for Min Hee-jin after a British media site praised her for resisting a male-dominated workplace.

On July 4, a topic titled “British media called Min Hee-jin is a hero who resists the Korean workplace patriarchy” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, drawing significant attention with over 40,000 views and 300 comments. 

According to the topic, the British media site Financial Times called Min Hee-jin “a star producer (who) takes on the K-pop patriarchy” when reporting on the conflict between her and HYBE and mentioned that “she is seen as a hero to so many young women”.

min hee jin

A woman at the age of 31 also stated that “What Min is experiencing is what so many us (women) go through every day in our male-dominated, hierarchical corporate culture”, adding, “She is saying out loud what we dream of saying.”

Upon reading such a topic, many netizens agree with Financial Times’ words and praise Min Hee-jin. Below are some comments from them:

  • Min Hee-jin’s very existence is a hope for women.
  • Workplace patriarchy is an excellent working. Who knew there was such a perfect word!!!
  • “In a country where only 6% of the top 100 companies have female executives, Min’s anger resonates with young Korean women who are inspired by criticism of their male bosses” – This part is especially good
  • Min Hee-jin has never been a feminist, but she just demanded rational thinking, and the fact that she has become a symbol seems to speak for the current state of Korean society.
  • I support Min Hee Jin!

Source: theqoo, WT

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