Cha Joo Young reveals her secret to create a classy look, “It’s my highlighter”

Actress Cha Joo Young introduced her makeup method.

On April 29th, Dazed Korea released an interview video of actress Cha Joo Young on its official Youtube channel.


Cha Joo Young started the video by greeting, “I will start introducing ‘What’s in my pouch’”. Revealing that she likes moist lip balm, the actress said, “When it comes to the last makeup stage, I use lip balm to add a moist and lively feeling to my lips”. She added, “Lip balm can make your lips look bright, transparent, and natural.”


Cha Joo-young’s makeup secret is highlighter. Introducing her highlighter, the actress said, “On normal days, I usually do simple makeup with basic products and then use the highlighter to make my face look more attractive.”

She explained, “Even if you apply a little of it on your cheek or nose as a base, you can create a classy vibe to the parts that you want people to look at and make your face look more charming.”

Source: Naver

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