CEO Min Hee Jin of Ador, NewJeans’ label, found to have sued malicious commenters

On January 31st, a post titled Min Hee Jin sueing malicious comments in real time” was posted on a Korean online community, drawing attention.

The original poster (OP) said, “I received a notice from Masan Police Station in Gyeongsangnam-do to show up regarding comments I made. I didn’t use profanity and immediately deleted it, but they said a complaint was filed.”

OP asked for help, saying, “Have you ever been contacted for leaving comments on Min Hee Jin?” OP also shared a screenshot of a text message sent by the Masan Police Station to them requesting attendance.

Previously, on December 28th, Ador declared legal action, appealing for damage to malicious comments targeting NewJeans. 

Ador said, “In the second half of this year, we started legal action against the writers of malicious posts, including defamation, insults, sexual harassment, false facts, and malicious slander against NewJeans.”

Ador added, “Posts that maliciously process artists’ videos are also included in the legal action. Considering that all members are minors, we are responding strongly to such malicious posts.”

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Media outlet Wikitree reportedly reached out to Ador about the complaint, but has not received a response.

Source: Wikitree

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