Celebrities who crossed the line on TV shows, “Why did Hwasa wear a school uniform like that?”

Some famous people caused absurd situations on entertainment programs due to their ignorance of common sense

Appearing on the special 400th episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”, Hwasa wore a customized school uniform and showed a dance performance. On “Knowing Bros”, the cast and guests should all wear uniforms to become classmates and eliminate the gaps between their age and seniority.


After the broadcast, many viewers poured criticism regarding the fact that Hwasa customized her school uniform to make it look sexy on the show amid the harsh criticism over her provocative performance at a university festival. Shouldn’t the production team stop her from modifying the custom like that?

Similar cases of celebrities crossing the lines also occurred on several other broadcasts. On last Sunday’s episode of “Boss in the Mirror”, one of the children called Chef Jung Ho Young “fat uncle”. What’s worse is that Chef Lee Yeon Bok did not correct the child’s inappropriate remark and even repeated it.


On another JTBC show, Jeon Hyun Moo drew admiration when he explained the painting style of Caravaggio and received many compliments. However, he actually learned it all from the content of another program aired a day before. Even if he wanted to show off his knowlege, shouldn’t he at least mention that it was covered in another broadcast?

TV programs are exposed to young generations and they have a great influence on young people’s awareness. Therefore, many viewers are complaining that production teams should pay more attention to raising the standard of common sense when producing content.

Source: daum

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