CELEBe releases new advertising campaign modeled by BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, targeting the MZ Generation

Short-form platform CELEBe will run a new campaign in collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo 

CEBEBe Korea, which operates the Short-form platform CELEBe, announced the release of an advertising campaign with their brand model BLACKPINK’s Jisoo on May 9th. 

The advertisement features the daily fun and joy that can be experienced on this short-form platform through the charms of Jisoo, who is working as the official model for CELEBe.

The video particularly explains its benefit program in which users accumulate points just by looking at various appearances of Jisoo


This advertising campaign will be widely promoted not only on TVC but also on digital media sites that are familiar to MZ Generation (Millennials + Z Generation), such as CELEBe, Youtube, and official websites. 

Starting with this advertising campaign, CELEBe will host a large-scale short-form video challenge targeting MZ Generation people who communicate and enjoy the fun with each other through short-form. They also plan to hold various events and promotions that encourage users’ participation to strengthen the brand awareness among the MZ Generation and accelerate the platform activation.


Park Sung-hoon, CEO of CELEBe Korea, said, “Through this advertising campaign in collaboration with global artist Jisoo, who is a familiar name to the MZ Generation, we tried to deliver the fun and joy of the short-form platform that allows anyone to experience”.


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