A C-drama being accused of plagiarizing “Dae Jang Geum,” China: “Korea should watch it in an open manner”

The Global Times, an English version of the Chinese state media Hwanggu Times, reported on July 7th an article titled “Chinese drama ‘Delicacies Destiny’ is causing controversy over plagiarism among Korean netizens.

Delicacies Destiny” is based on the story of a heroine who enters the palace with her ambition to become the world’s best chef and is loved by the crown prince for her outstanding cooking skills. It is not only very similar in terms of plot to the drama “Dae Jang Geum,” which was loved not only in Korea but also abroad, but the Chinese drama is also suspected of plagiarism from its first episode with hanbok-like outfits, which is not Chinese traditional outfits. In addition, the scene of a character grilling pork belly and eating it in a vegetable wrap is also controversial.

The Global Times said, “Chinese experts said that cultural exchanges between Korea and China have begun since ancient times, so we should respect and look at them in a more open manner,” according to China’s position on this plagiarism controversy.

In particular, “Delicacies Destiny” has been provided through the global OTT platform Disney+ since April, but some point out that the show might have been conscious of the possible negative public opinion in Korea as it does not provide this series in South Korea.

Source: daum

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