BTS’s Jin, who recently underwent finger surgery, appears on the “Grammy” stage with a black plaster cast

Fans were sad seeing BTS’s Jin perform on stage at the 64th Grammy Awards with a black cast on his hand.

On April 4th (KST), the main award ceremony of the 64th Grammy Awards was held at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the U.S. 

On this day, BTS members went up the stage one by one from their seats and performed “Butter”. While BTS received a big round of applause for their spectacular performance, Jin’s appearance caused fans’ regrets.

BTS Grammy 2022

Jin recently underwent surgery for his left index finger injury. As a result, Jin showed up on the stage with a cast on his hand. Since he wore a black costume, a black cast was also prepared to match the color of his stage outfit. 

BTS Grammy 2022

Unlike other members, Jin sang while sitting down until the middle of the performance. Despite pain and discomfort, Jin still proved his spirit and enthusiasm by performing with all his best to bring a perfect stage to global fans. 

BTS Grammy 2022

In response, netizens poured out compliments for Jin, saying, “Jin tried to hide his hand injury with the black cast as much as possible”, “This breaks my heart”, “I can’t help but love him more”, etc. 

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