BTS V showed extraordinary love for fans, from making hears to blowing kisses

V, a member of BTS, did not hesitate to show extraordinary fan service during his schedule. 

On December 12th, a “BANGTAN BOMB” content was published on the official YouTube channel of BTS. The video also contains a scene where BTS V participated as a special host on the MBC radio show “Kim Eana’s Starry Night”. 

In particular, on his first day of hosting “Kim Eana’s Starry Night”, V appeared wearing a cute hat. Outside the building, there were various fans who came to greet him. 

bts v bangtan bomb

Seeing the fans, V approached the window and waved at them, saying, “I will do well and come back”. At the same time, whenever he had a break from filming, the male idol showed extraordinary fan service by waving, making hearts with his hands and blowing kisses in the direction of fans. 

On other days of the show, BTS V never failed to show his love towards fans, even coming to them to say hello and taking photos with them. 

bts v bangtan bomb

With such gestures, V has completely erased his “attitude controversy” back in June, where he was accused of ignoring fans and reporters by going straight to his car after arriving in Korea.

After criticisms arised, many fans at the scene spoke up in BTS V’s favor, claiming that V had to go to his vehicle directly due to the crowd growing out of control. In addition, the male idol opened his car window to wave at fans even as he left, proving that he never ignored them.

bts v bangtan bomb

Source: Nate

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