BTS V released his behind-the-scenes video at “Starry Night”: “Fully charged with ARMY’s support”

BTS V showed his affectionate love for fans and his professionalism, moving not only fans but also the production team.

MBC Radio’s official YouTube account “MBC Radio Bongchun Radio” uploaded a video on September 30th titled “First DJ challenge! Very Vest Special Starry Night Keeper Kim Tae-hyung (BTS V) Behind”.

V hosted the show with his best friend Park Hyo-shin on September 27th and 28th as Special Starry Night Keeper for MBC’s standard FM radio “Kim Ea-na’s Starry Night.”


“11 p.m. on September 27th will be a little special. Was it 3 years ago? A man cried at a letter from a fan that said they would be able to overcome severe insomnia and sleep well if he became a DJ on the night radio and let them hear his voice. He has really wanted to do it if he has a chance. While he was thinking about it, his brother, who he adores and follows, said that he was going to be the DJ for a week, and this man readily followed, saying, ‘Hey! I want to do it, too’,” the video began with a narration.


V appeared in a cute yellow cardigan and knit hat with the caption “#The Man’s First Day at Work,” showing off his lovely charm and captivating fans.

As soon as V got off the elevator, he approached fans waiting outside the broadcasting station and greeted them, made hearts with his whole body and communicated with them, saying, “I’ll do well, can you hear my voice?”


Before the broadcast, the team had a script reading time, and the production team was greatly impressed by V’s professionalism as he kept asking, “I read everything because you told me to read it before coming in,” and “There was one thing I didn’t understand.”


In addition, V looked at the staff ID that had Park Hyo-shin’s picture and said, “Is this today’s concept?” The radio’s scriptwriter replied, “Yes, I matched it with this,” and added the sensible caption “Thank you Kim Bear (V’s nickname) for recognizing and applauding me for preparing it” to the video.


On the second day, V approached his fans first, saying, “Aren’t you guys supposed to wait inside? You should be able to wait inside right?” he said, regretting that he couldn’t meet his fans closer.

V arrived at the studio first and started reading the script, showing perfect preparation. He said, “I thought I was speaking in a dialect, so I contacted my Daegu friend and learned the dialect.”


When the broadcast began, he delivered his warm love for fans by looking at the fans watching from outside with warm eyes and giving high fives, and even during the broadcast, he constantly communicated with fans.

With the caption “It was better to be with people you are comfortable with, #Finishing the Special Starry Night,” the two-day behind-the-scenes video ended.


Fans rushed in to comment, saying, “I like Tae-hyung and Park Hyo-shin’s soft and sweet voices, I’m repeating their radios nonstop.” “Tae-hyung, please appear on radio shows more often,” “I’m so upset that it’s not a video radio,” “We will get to see him in dramas and movies next time, right? “Tae-hyung, who does everything we want, is so lovely.”

Source: Daum

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