BTS V, happy global superstar after issuing subway ticket…”It was a few years ago”

BTS V recalled when he rode the subway two years ago.

On Jan 14th, V posted photos and videos through his Instagram story.

bts v

In the photo, V was showing off his playful charm with his mouth closed. He also boasted his handsome looks without humiliation.

In addition, V shared a video in which he was issuing a one-time ticket at the subway station along with the caption saying “It was a few years ago”. The appearance of V holding the ticket and smiling brightly is cute.

bts v

Earlier, in Jan 2020, V drew attention by uploading a proof shot of boarding the subway on BTS‘ official fan community platform Weverse, saying, “It was so great.”

Meanwhile, V released the OST “Christmas Tree” for SBS’ drama “Our Beloved Summer” starring actor Choi Woo-sik. “Christmas Tree” became the first Korean OST to top the “Spotify Top Songs Debut Global” chart.


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