BTS Leader RM receives the plaque of appreciation from the Cultural Heritage Administration 

His enormous monetary contribution to preservation of overseas cultural artifacts earns him the recognition. 

BTS Leader RM receives a plaque of appreciation from the Cultural Heritage Administration

On the 25th, RM posted a photo on his Instagram story with a short comment saying “Thank you” going with the photo taken of the plaque of appreciation from the Cultural Heritage Administration. 

bts rm instagram
Image: Instagram ‘rkive’

The appreciation plaque in the name of Choi Eung-cheon, director of the Cultural Heritage Administration, had RM’s real name, Kim Nam-joon, engraved on it.

Text on the plaque said, “You have contributed greatly to the complete preservation of cultural heritage outside the country and to promoting it to the world with your great interest and affection for Korea’s cultural heritage and history. I give you a plaque with a heart of gratitude.”

bts rm instagram

RM voluntarily does good deeds with a heart for arts 

In general, RM frequently expresses his interest in art. The male rapper donated 100 million won for the second consecutive year for the preservation and restoration of Korean cultural properties overseas.

bts rm instagram

In 2020, RM donated 100 million won to the Cultural Foundation of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea to spread the reading culture and appreciation for art books on his 27th birthday.

RM is also interested in exhibitions as seen in his uploaded pictures of personal exhibition visits on his personal SNS. In Korea, more and more fans are participating in the so-called “RM Tour,” which follows the exhibitions that RM visited.

bts rm instagram

Forthcomingly, RM will release his first solo album “Indigo” on December 2.

He promises to show the link between music and art by including the work “Blue” by the late artist Yun Hyong Keun, whom he respected.

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