After suffering 3 miscarriages a year, a famous actress bought an “ultrasound machine” to check if her baby’s heart was beating

Who can understand the feeling of parents who sent their children away first?

Recently, several stars confessed their heartbreaking stories of miscarriage, making countless people cry.

For example, in August, couple Park Si Eun and Jin Tae Hyun announced that they sent their daughter Tae Eun to heaven ahead of childbirth, evoking grief.

park si eun jin tae hyun

Another famous actress who revealed her miscarriage drew attention by talking about her difficult feelings at that time.

In episode 1 of JTBC’s “Handless Day”, which aired on Nov 25th, Han Ga In and MC Shin Dong Yup shared various stories.

On this day, a dual-income couple with 2 daughters born in 2 consecutive years appeared and revealed the story of moving into the wife’s former home.

han ga in

The wife confessed that she and her husband receive help from her mother because they are raising children and working together for a living at the same time. She added that she is worried that they would fight during the process of living together.

Han Ga In, who has been living with her mother for 8 years, generously gave advice to the wife as an experienced person, “The daughter must give way unconditionally.”

han ga in

Then, the client chose a flowerpot as an item containing precious memories.

There was a special story hidden in the flowerpot chosen by the client.

The client, who suffered from infertility before giving birth to 2 children, shared, “I bought hydrangea on my way home to wait for the result of artificial insemination. After that, I got a call saying I was pregnant.”

han ga in

The client’s husband explained, “Hydrangea bloomed then completely froze, but in the end, they came back to life.”

Han Ga In deeply sympathized with the client’s story and recalled the days when she suffered miscarriages in the past.

han ga in

Han Ga In said, “I suffered 3 miscarriages in one year. Pregnancy itself is a beautiful and happy time for mothers to enjoy, but I was anxious throughout the pregnancy. It was like overcoming hurdles. While Yeon Jung Hoon and I were driving to the maternity clinic, we couldn’t say anything to each other. We were very nervous.”

han ga in

Han Ga In, who was desperate for her second generation, confessed her experience honestly and sincerely, “I had an ultrasound machine at home to check if my child’s heart was beating.”

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