BTS Jungkook became a firefighter, married to Beyoncé in the UK?

A British TV show has gone viral after a scene involving BTS Jungkook and Beyoncé was shared on social media. 

Recently, “Deep fake neighbor wars”, a 6-episode British TV show which follows the motif of New Zealand’s “Neighbours at war”, has been gaining attention. Here, deepfake technology is used to create a fake “reality show”, where actors are transformed into celebrities and lead different lives in the London suburbs. 

Neighbours at war
Neighbours at war

Notable celebrities who “appeared” on the show including Idris Elba, Kim Kardashian, Tom Holland, and more. For instance, Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland even became a married couple, who readily sat down for interviews together. 

But Nicki and Tom’s “marriage” was not the only jaw-dropping “relationship” on the show. Instead, “Deep fake neighbor wars” even brought to life the unlikely couple of Beyoncé and BTS Jungkook. Even more shocking, Jungkook and BTS are not even Kpop idols in the show’s “universe”, and images of them as firefighters can even be seen. 

The scene of Beyoncé talking about Jungkook is going viral on TikTok with 525.2k views and 124.4k likes at the moment. On Twitter, it has attracted more than 100k views and the numbers are still going up.

Neighbours at war
Jungkook married Beyoncé in “Deep fake neighbor wars”
Neighbours at war
BTS turned into firefighters

The concept of this comedy drew laughter from many audiences but also faced criticism. Some viewers pointed out the fact that deepfake can damage the image of the artists and lead to many consequences.

Of course, this is only a joke to attract the attention and interest of the public. In reality, the maknae of BTS was one of the people who received birthday congratulation from Beyoncé last year. On a livestream, famous American producer Sleep Deez also revealed that Beyoncé really like Jungkook’s solo song “My time”.

Source: K14

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