BTS Jungkook beat Justin Bieber To Become 2022 Most Popular Solo Singer

Jungkook took first place in the vote for ‘The Most Popular Soloist 2022’ held at the Shining Awards, a global fan voting site that ended on December 31.

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After a tight battle with pop star Justin Bieber, Jungkook won a total of 79,679 votes and took the first place with 36.08% of the votes.

Following Jungkook, Justin Bieber came in 2nd with 34.14% of the votes, followed by Taylor Swift in 3rd, Harry Styles in 4th, BTS J-Hope in 5th, Drake in 6th, Ed Sheeran ranked 7th, IU ranked 8th, Ariana Grande ranked 9th, and Rihanna ranked 10th.

Most Popular Solo Singer

Jungkook was recently selected as one of the ‘200 Greatest Singers in History’ announced by Rolling Stone, a prominent American music media, and was selected as the ‘Most Famous Musician’ representing those born in 1997 worldwide by STACKER, an American media outlet.

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In addition, on November 20 (Korea Standard Time), Jung Kook was honored to sing the official World Cup soundtrack “Dreamers” for the first time as a Korean singer at the opening ceremony of the “2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup” at Alkor Albite Stadium in Qatar.

As a result, expectations and interest are more focused on Jungkook’s capabilities and moves to be shown through various musical activities, including a solo album scheduled to be released in the future.

Source: Nate

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