BTS Jung Kook is the fastest Spotify account in Korea to surpass 700 million streams

BTS Jung Kook proved his global popularity by being the fastest Korean artist to reach 700 million streams on Spotify.

The World Music Awards (WMA), called the Billboard of Europe, highlighted the new record Jung Kook just made on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform. The WMA announced that Jung Kook recently surpassed 700 million streams on his Spotify account.

bts jungkook spotify streaming

Accentuating the singer’s strong popularity and vocal influence on the platform, WMA reported that Jung Kook has achieved the milestone of 700 million streams for the “shortest” time among Korean singers. It also praised Jung Kook as “SPOTIFY ICON,” explaining, “He is the first K-pop Soloist to cross the mark (700 million streams on Spotify) in a single calendar year.” Chart Data, which delivers real-time global music charts, awards ceremonies, and news, also reported this news on its official SNS.

Jung Kook’s Spotify account includes the theme song “Dreamers” for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, released on November 20th, his solo song “Stay Alive” and his collaboration song with Charlie Puth “Left and Right.”

bts jungkook spotify streaming

As of December 23rd (Korea Standard Time), “Dreamers” has surpassed 94,312,950 streams, “Stay Alive” 177,838,120 streams, and “Left and Right” surpassed 434,426,511 streams.

Jung Kook’s Spotify account, which was first opened on February 11th, recorded 100 million streams in 89 days, 200 million in 149 days, 300 million in 180 days, 400 million in 213 days, 500 million in 254 days, and 600 million streams in 288 days. On Dec 14th, Jung Kook’s account surpassed the cumulative monthly number of listeners of 22,962 and recorded the second highest number after BTS among all K-pop singers.

bts jungkook spotify streaming

In addition, Jung Kook has a total of 1.5 billion streams on Spotify, including “Dreamers,” “Stay Alive,” and “Left and Right,” as well as Jung Kook’s other solo songs such as “Euphoria,” “My Time,” and “Begin.”

Jung Kook sang the World Cup official theme song “Dreamers,” which contains the message of hope for dreamers, on the stage of the World Cup opening ceremony as the first Korean singer to do so, deeply resonating and touching people’s hearts around the world.

bts jungkook fifa world cup

In addition, Jung Kook released “Left and Right” with American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth in June, receiving enthusiastic love from music listeners with 400 million streams in about five months on Spotify.

Jung Kook also released the OST “Stay Alive” for the webtoon “7Fates: Chakho” in February, proving his aspect of a “genuine” vocalist by portraying in detail the webtoon characters and stories with his vocal.

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Meanwhile, Jung Kook boasted his unrivaled influence and popularity as he topped the list of K-pop solo artists who were most listened to in Spotify’s year-end settlement “2022 Top K-pop Artists.”

Source: Star News

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