BTS Jin’s “Super Tuna” surpasses 1.3 billion searches on Google

BTS Jin’s self-composed song “Super Tuna” showed off its super power by surpassing 1.3 billion searches on Google.


Jin‘s “Super Tuna” is a happy gift song for fans, creating a global sensation without any special promotions and gaining explosive syndrome popularity.

BTS Jin Allkpop

In a recent article titled “#SuperTuna by #BTS’s #Jin reaches over 1.3 billion searches on Google“, the American media outlet Allkpop reported, “Right now, the keyword phrase ‘Super Tuna’ has over 1.3 billion searches on the platform! Every Korean is now familiar with ‘Super Tuna’ as well as millions of people around the world!”

In the “Super Tuna” video searched on Google, “Kim Seok-jin” was marked as an artist, revealing his unrivaled presence as a top solo artist and global superstar rather than a member of a group.


Jin‘s “Super Tuna“, which was released on his birthday (December 4th) last year, is still popular 3 months later.

Allkpop wrote, “‘Super Tuna’ is one of the most viral songs and videos in South Korean history. It is also the most-watched choreography video by a Korean male artist.”

It is showing a strong ripple effect by appearing in different media such as various domestic and foreign TV variety shows, news and radio.

On the global short video platform TikTok, hashtag #SuperTuna Dance Challenge has over 330 million views, and many celebrities are still joining it.


Super Tuna” created a challenge syndrome with its exciting melody, witty lyrics as well as refreshing and attractive choreography. As Jin wishes, “Super Tuna” makes people smile with a light heart.

Selected as the most successful “fish” of 2021 on TikTok’s official account, “Super Tuna” has emerged as the most notable new trend.

The world’s most popular characters Pororo, Pinkfong, Teletubbies Pengsoo, various schools including kindergartens, Korean central ministries, government offices and local governments also participated in this trend.


As if proving his explosive popularity, Jin trended #1 on the Male Idol Brand Ranking of December 2021.

Even two months later, in February, he became the #1 most mentioned celebrity according to NetBase Quid. 

Meanwhile, “Global superstar” Jin has been selected by the U.S. economic magazine Forbes as the most successful male artist from his field, raising high expectations for his future moves.

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