BTS Jin entered the Top 10 most mentioned artists on social media for 12 consecutive months

BTS Jin shows his strong influence as one of the 10 most mentioned artists on SNS.

NetBase Quid, an American social media analytics company, and consumer market intelligence platform, has released the list of the 10 Most Mentioned Artists related to ‘NEW MUSIC’ for the month of June through its official Twitter account on June 25th.

In this June chart, Jin is in the top 4 most talked-about artists on social networks, alongside Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

bts jin

With this, Jin set the record of becoming the first K-pop artist to enter the ‘Top 10 Most Mentioned Artists’ on social media for 12 consecutive months.

Being the first male artist in the world and the only BTS member to achieve this achievement, Jin is showing his strong influence on not only his fans but also people all around the world.

bts jin

According to NetBase Quid, Jin was the most talked-about artist at the Grammy Awards this year. In addition, at last year’s Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), the female idol also showed his strong influence when he defeated ab America’s top pop star and to become the most mentioned artist at this event.

BTS Jin top 10 artist

Jin ranked first for two consecutive months in February and March this year, and rose to the top as the most mentioned artist on SNS with keywords related to ‘NEW MUSIC’.

Jin has won first place in this Top 10 a total of 4 times with the first time being in July 2021, demonstrating his strong presence of a global superstar.

BTS Jin top 10 artist

Last year, allkpop published an article, “Media reports about BTS’s Jin constantly being in the Top 10 of most mentioned celebrities on social media”. Since the release of this chart in 2021, Jin’s name has never left it. The article also mentioned that Jin was the first Korean singer to win multiple No.1s on this chart.

As a global artist, Jin is placing high expectations on his future progress through various activities.

Source: Daum

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