BTS Jimin’s Solo Debut: Will He Top the Billboard Hot 100?

The barriers for Korean singers to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart, once considered insurmountable, are gradually being broken down. 

In 2022, NewJeans succeeded in charting two songs in the US market. TWICE reached 84th on the Billboard Hot 100 in their recent comeback. This was not TWICE’s first entry in their career. Next up is likely to be BTS’ Jimin, who recently made his solo debut. 

BTS recently entered the military period following the enlistment of their oldest member Jin and the declaration of enlistment by J-Hope. The group has been actively engaging in solo activities. RM appeared on variety shows and released a solo album, Suga is preparing for a world tour, Jungkook performed an opening stage of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and V is appearing on tvN’s variety show “Jinny’s Kitchen”. 

BTS Jimin

Jimin drew favorable reviews from the industry with “VIBE,” in collaboration with BIGBANG’s Taeyang, while also showing off his power by ranking 76th on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The solo album “FACE” tells the story of Jimin, who faces himself fully and prepares for a new start as an artist. Many talented musicians, including Pdogg, Supreme Boi, GHSTLOOP, EVAN, BLVSH, Chris James, and BTS RM, participated in the album. “FACE” is also the third solo album of a BTS member, following J-Hope and RM.

Jimin said in a video released before the album’s release, “I prepared ‘FACE’ because I spent time facing myself fully and became the real me. The feeling is different from when I release a solo or self-composed song on a BTS album. I had a lot of new challenges and feelings.”


Jimin especially talked about his song ‘Alone’ on the album, saying, “I put a lot of loneliness and emptiness that I felt while working during the pandemic in the past two years into the song. It was tough to immerse myself in those emotions while recording.” 

He added, “I want to introduce my genuine emotions and true self in the song. Facing emptiness and loneliness gave me the willpower and strength to prepare for a new start. All those processes are truthfully reflected in the song.”

Jimin also tried rapping and said, “It was a new challenge, and it might be an enjoyable aspect to listen to. I expected performance from myself, and I prepared for it earnestly. You can see the majestic and powerful feelings in my performance, as well as the flexible and delicate side that you’ve seen from me before.”

“FACE” has already surpassed one million sales in the domestic chart on the day of its release, becoming the first solo artist to achieve million-selling on the first day, as well as the fourth group soloist after Seo Taiji, Baekhyun, and Jin. 

BTS Jimin

According to the latest official chart version released on the 24th, Jimin’s pre-release song “Set Me Free Pt.2,” which was released on March 17th, charted 30th on the official single top 100 chart. With this ranking, Jimin has made his debut as a Korean solo artist on the UK’s official single top 100 chart.

Naturally, the next target is expected to be the Billboard Hot 100 chart. As Jimin’s global influence is enormous in BTS, it is also worth looking forward to him breaking into the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his own highest ranking. 

Jimin’s first entry into the Billboard Hot 100 chart is expected to be on April 1.

Source: Daum. 

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