BTS Jimin’s fans criticized Golden Disc Awards

BTS Jimin’s fandom has criticized Golden Disc Awards for cutting Jimin from the broadcast stage.

BTS Jimin’s fans criticized Golden Disc Awards
BTS Jimin’s fans are angry that he was intentionally edited off from the LA concert stage broadcasted at the Golden Disc Awards. 

According to BTS’s fandom ARMY, BTS was honored with four awards at the 36th Golden Disc Awards held on January 8th. The award ceremony was broadcast on JTBC at 3 p.m. on the same day. The reason why ARMYs’ attention was drawn to the broadcast on this day was that they unveiled the live performance of BTS’s Los Angeles (LA) concert “BTS Permission to Dance on Stage-LA,” which shook the world last year.

Earlier, the organizers of the Golden Disc Awards promoted that it would be the first time the live performance of BTS was broadcast exclusively on TV. ARMYs were furious at the way the Golden Disc edited the performance. Their complaints are that they lowered the quality of the “Butter” stage performed in LA, with intentional editing that was not natural and that Jimin, a member who played a key role in the performance, could not be found.

BTS Jimin’s fans criticized Golden Disc Awards
As Jimin appeared to have been excluded from the LA live concert stage broadcast, fans have directly mentioned the issue. 

“There has been a camera change in the main dancer’s part on the live stage, but there was no reason to edit this video because it was not live,” ARMY said. “It would not have been a problem if the main camera had been transmitted as it was like other broadcasters.” They also criticized, “Most of the six cameras in the existing video were directed at the dance break of the main dancer Jimin, but in the actual broadcast, it was edited awkwardly unlike the original video, so Jimin’s appearance was completely excluded.”

Another reason why ARMYs are angry is that this is not the first “awkward editing incident.” ARMY claims that starting with the “Butter” stage held at the Billboard Music Awards in May last year were intentionally edited enough to appear as a “broadcast accident” as they did not show any lighting during the dance break section.

BTS Jimin’s fans criticized Golden Disc Awards
The ARMYs pointed out that BTS Jimin’s performance has been excluded on various stages due to the agency’s poor preparation for the stage. 

ARMY said, “It is unacceptable to completely delete the dance break of the main dancer, which is the core part of the song, on an important stage,” adding, “This behavior that repeats over the year seems intentional.”

The controversy over Jimin’s exclusion from the stage has been sparked again by the Golden Disc stage, drawing public outrage from Jimin fans. 

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