aespa took the flak for receiving the Artist of the Year award

 Are you persuaded aespa deserves this grand prize?

aespa continued to conquer at the year-end awards’ season when they achieved 4 awards at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards. Specifically, the group won the following awards: Best Rookie Artist, Cosmopolitan Artist Award, Digital Song Division Bonsang and Artist of the Year.  Among those, the Artist of the Year award is the most controversial.

aespa 2022 GDA
aespa earned a lot of awards at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards.

Artist of the Year award was first created at the Golden Disc Awards this year.  It sounds like a Daesang award like any other award ceremony, but in fact, this year’s Golden Disc Awards still has only 2 Daesangs which are about album and digital records.  The fact that aespa was named in this brand new award made people wonder: Why in the exact year aespa attended did GDA make this new award and did aespa really deserve the title of Artist of the Year?

aespa 2022 GDA
aespa controversially won Artist of the Year award at the 2022 Golden Disc Award

 Besides congratulatory messages, many comments from netizens expressed disapproval of this award:

  • It’s pretty funny, right?  MMA has reopened the Daesang Record of the Year award even though it was already abandoned in 2020 while GDA also gave birth to the Artist of the Year award.
  • It’s not a Daesang but Artist of the Year is also a prestigious name.  In general, the group is not worthy enough, considering their achievements in everything.  It would make more sense if they receive this award a few years later after they have made it to the top.
  • The group have such amazing power, aren’t they? No matter where they go, more awards will be “born.”
  • If they make a new award, they should have named it Breakthrough Artist or something.  This name sounds just like a Daesang’s.
  • Honestly, hearing the name, everyone would think it’s the most prestigious award in an awards ceremony.
  • Actually, this award is Energetic Artist of the Year, right?
  • I can foresee this award disappearing next year.
  • Haha is there anything that proves this group is worthy of the title of Artist of the Year? Their album and digital records aren’t the best, and if it’s hard work that makes them deserve it, any artist would deserve it too.

However, aespa is not totally undeserving of this award.  According to some Korean news sites, aespa received the Artist of the Year award at the 2022 Golden Disc Award because in the past year, the group has succeeded in earning the title “metaverse” girl group with many hit songs such as “Next Level”and “Savage”.  

aespa 2022 GDA
aespa has achieved many outstanding achievements thanks to 2 hit songs “Next Level” and “Savage” in 2021

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