“Be careful of the heavy rain, ARMYs”… BTS Jimin sent his love to fans in Korea even when he was in the U.S 

Upon hearing the news of damages caused by heavy rain in Korea while he was in the U.S, BTS’s Jimin was worried about ARMYs.

Jimin left for the U.S on the 30th of last month and headed to Chicago on the 31st to attend the U.S music festival “Lollapalooza” and cheer for his member.

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J-Hope expressed his gratitude to Jimin, who came to the U.S alone to cheer for him, through VLIVE. He said, “I was having a hard time practicing in Chicago, but as soon as Jimin came, I smiled happily”, adding “His appearance was such a huge strength and help to me. Thank you so much. He came this far to cheer for me.”

J-Hope continued, “When I came here, I didn’t have an appetite and couldn’t eat much. But after Jimin came and we ate lunch, I was able to eat a lot”, adding “The feeling of security and stability from a friend and a member is so great”.

bts jimin

As J-Hope said, “Jimin helped me a lot. I was in a really dark world during the preparation for the performance and he came like a light to me”, Jimin is the member who has often come to the music video filming set to cheer for his members since their rookie days and always cheers for the members’ solo song releases.

After moving from Chicago to Los Angeles, Jimin was seen showing his worry for fans through Weverse, an official fan community, in the early morning of August 10th.

bts jimin

Jimin said, “Because of the heavy rain, the situation is very serious. ARMYs, be careful. I guess I was the only person who didn’t know about this…”. Worrying about the safety of his fans upon hearing the news of damages caused by localized heavy rain that has been centering in the central regions since August 8th, Jimin asked fans to be careful. 

“Weather fairy” Jimin, who has been showing his consideration for fans every time the weather goes bad, sent an affectionate message to fans even when he was far away in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Jimin topped the survey of “Stars you want to share an umbrella with in this rainy season?” conducted by Idol Chart from July 25th to July 31st with an overwhelming result of 102,206 votes (46%). He also ranked #1 in a similar Idol Chart survey in 2020.

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