BTS Jimin “Jin currently weighs 66kg. This is the first time in his life”

BTS Jimin mentioned Jin, who is serving in the military.

On the 27th, Jimin appeared as a guest on BTS’ YouTube channel “Bangtan TV” on “SUCHWITA” with Suga for a talk show after releasing his first solo album “FACE”.

Jimin showed his affectionate side by bringing a cake while appearing for Suga’s birthday in March. Jimin, who is known as a fan of “SUCHWITA”, said, “At first, I didn’t have high expectations, but as the lineup got better, it became more fun.”


Jimin shared various talks with Suga, about his solo album and also his stories as Park Ji Min. In particular, he drew attention by mentioning member Jin, who is serving in the military. Jimin, who recently visited Jin with J-Hope, said, “Jin currently weighs 66kg. Before that, he had never gained over 63kg. This is the first time in his life”, adding “We ate together and Jin said he wanted to eat cold raw fish soup. He already ate that in the previous week but he wanted to eat it again.”

Revealing that he spent a year on the production of his first album, Jimin confessed, “I worked on the album for 10 months. I didn’t know that it would take that long. There were many trials and errors. I felt heavy and exhausted for the first time. It was like taking off my shoes.” In response, Suga complimented Jimin, saying “I listened to the title track, and the music was good. You don’t have to worry. I’m very proud that you’re releasing your first solo album.”


Looking at the album, Suga commented, “As you get older, you expose your body more. Aren’t you showing off your body in the music video, too?”, drawing laughter. Then he added, “The composition and atmosphere of this album are all good. It’s an album that allows you to see the adult Jimin.”

While talking with Jimin about his album and songs, Suga said, “Let’s talk about Park Jimin.” Suga then asked, “As someone who has seen you since the first day you came to Seoul, if hard work is a talent then you are a genius. That’s what I thought. You worked so hard. You practice ridiculously hard these days too. Don’t you practice almost every day?”

Jimin honestly confessed, “It just hit me. I know what I’m lacking. And I appreciate that people like what I do. I’m not saying all my hard work so far was for nothing. But it’s better to know the right way to do things before putting in that effort. It took me a while but I think I’m finally practicing the way I should. I didn’t do the basic things. I was always just in a rush.”

Source: Daum

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