BTS j-hope, BLACKPINK, and NewJeans listed in Rolling Stone’s “100 Best Albums of 2022”

The albums of BTS j-hope, BLACKPINK, and NewJeans were named among “Best Albums of 2022” by American media Rolling Stone. 

On December 1st (local time), J-hope’s solo album “Jack In The Box”, BLACKPINK’s latest full album “Born Pink”, and NewJeans’ debut album “New Jeans”, were listed in Rolling Stone’s article for “100 Best Albums of 2022”, ranking 9th, 25th, and 46th, respectively. 

J-Hope Jack in the Box

In particular, Rolling Stone said, “The first BTS member to release a solo album, j-hope set the bar high with ‘Jack in the Box’, a 10-track concept album that opens with a retelling of the myth of Pandora’s box”, adding that “After a debut like this, j-hope fans (new and old) can be pretty sure they won’t be disappointed with his future offerings”.  

Blackpink thumbnail

Meanwhile, about BLACKPINK, the news site wrote, “Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé have long ruled K-pop as the ‘Lovesick Girls’, but with ‘Born Pink’, they blow up into rock queens”. ‘Born Pink’ is the most undeniable music BLACKPINK have ever made — so far”, they described. 

Finally, Rolling Stone had a lot of praise for NewJeans, saying, “There’s no question that Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein made a splash this year with their first EP…NewJeans are part of the latest generation of K-pop groups, and with New Jeans, they have a strong foundation to evolve and grow from. It’s just a bite-size EP, but it’s left us wanting a lot more.” 

Source: Rolling Stone

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