BTS J-Hope “A scaredy-cat, losing 5kg under the pressure of a solo artist”

BTS J-Hope said that the weight he lost has not recovered.

J-Hope revealed his burdens while preparing for the solo album on SBS Power FM’s “Park So-hyun’s Love Game“, which aired on August 8th.

J-Hope said, “When it comes to making a song, I put so much of what I want to do that I’m worried about later. I had to solve the promotions I had prepared with this music, so I was worried if I could do well.”

He continued, “I think it’s my personality. Even if I go through something, I tend to have to do it myself.”

When DJ Park So-hyun said “You seem like a scaredy-cat”, J-Hope agreed with a smile, “That’s right. I admit it. I’m a scaredy-cat.”

Park So-hyun asked, “You lost 5kg during that process. Did the weight you lost go back?” J-Hope replied, “I’m trying to eat well. I think I still weigh the same.”

J-Hope added, “It was hard. I lost weight, so I also lost my stamina.”

Source: daum

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