“BTS lost their ID to a Chinese Youtuber”… BTS fans are angry at an absurd situation on Youtube

BTS fans expressed their frustration over a Chinese Youtuber taking advantage of Youtube’s new function to gain attention.

Youtube recently introduced a new function called “Handle” on November 1st. “Handle” is a unique identifier for channels that starts with @, for example, @youtube. 

BTS the fact music awards

“Handles” will also appear on Youtube channel pages and Shorts videos, and Youtuber users can refer to a creator’s handle ID in their comments.

bts youtube hack

The problem is that a Chinese Youtuber recently stole BTS’s handle ID, taking advantage of the situation in which many Korean artists have not yet claimed their handle IDs. 

This Youtuber, who has about 3,000 subscribers, created a handle ID called @BTS_official for her channel to induce BTS fans to watch her videos.

bts youtube hack

BTS’s Youtube channel ID is currently BANGTANTV, but their Twitter uses BTS_official.  

bts twitter

As a result, fans are reporting the channel of the Chinese Youtuber as an “impersonation of a certain company and celebrity”.

Source: wikitree

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