BTS ended their LA concert in tears, “Remember today until we meet again”

BTS’s LA concert ended in tears of regret. The members said goodbye to ARMY (BTS fans), promising to meet next time. 

The fourth night of BTS‘s LA concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” was held at Sofi Stadium in LA on Dec 2nd (local time). It was also broadcast live for a fee on Weverse.  After the encore stage, following the BTS members’ instruction, ARMYs raised their ARMY bomb (lightstick) one by one, creating an ARMY Bomb wave that decorated the stadium splendidly. 

The wave of ARMY BOMB then changed, and the word “JIN” was embroidered on the auditorium. Fans have held a surprise event by singing the happy birthday song for Jin. Jin said, “I didn’t expect it at all. It’s so pretty,” he said, expressing his emotion. “In fact, I was actually looking forward to it, but I thought there would be nothing because the concert was almost over. But then my name appeared after the wave, so I’m very moved,” he said with gratitude. 

BTS ended their LA concert

Seven members took turns expressing their feelings about finishing the four-day performance. “It was like a dream,” j-hope said adding, “I hope this concert will not be the last time, but another start. Let’s always remember today until we meet again”, he said.  Jimin said, “It seems to have taken a long time to meet you in person. But it’s a pity that today is already the last day,” he said. “We will definitely meet again, but there will be some waiting,” he added, “we will not forget today and remember every day while happily waiting for the day we meet again.” 

BTS ended their LA concert

RM also confessed that he had a hard time waiting for two years. He said, “I had forgotten why we existed and why we started all this. When I came back to the stage, I was worried that people would not like us as much as before. But after the performance, the doubt about me has disappeared. I think I can honestly tell you that I’ve become a better person, that I’ve become stronger,” he confessed.  In addition, RM said, “I honestly don’t know how long it will take to return to this stage. But I’m really grateful and it’s so precious to have such a wonderful time together for four days. Someday when we come back, we will be better people and stand in front of you. Thank you for being with me in such a historical moment,” he said in tears. 

BTS ended their LA concert

Jungkook said, “Our performance in LA is over. But it’s not the end of everything,” he stressed. “This moment was sad, but it was a really fun and precious time,” he said, organizing his four-day journey, “This memory will never disappear.”  Suga, who said he had a lot of worries about the concert after two years, said, “Just as we have been apart for two years, I thought I wouldn’t want that, so I did my best as if it was the last stage.” While expressing his worries, he shouted, “I have a hunch that I will travel around the world very soon and have a stadium tour,” adding, “I will run anywhere.” V also shed tears as he shared similar concerns. At the same time, he said, “We will wait for the day when we go back to Korea and prepare hard and do the concert again. Let’s have fun at that time,” he said, saying goodbye to ARMY. 

BTS ended their LA concert

Coldplay’s Chris Martin then made a surprise appearance on the last stage and sang “MY UNIVERSE” with the BTS members. BTS, who finished the performance of “Permission to Dance,” said, “Let’s see each other again soon, please” then disappeared from the stage. 

BTS’s LA concert began on the 27th of last month and held a total of four nights on the 28th and the 1st and 2nd of this month. More than 53,000 spectators attended per night, and a total of 210,000 people have filled the Sofi Stadium.

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