BTS’ concert in the US is no different from chaos: 20 people cry for help in vain

Many BTS fans have had negative experiences when being attacked by fansites’ masters. 

Last weekend, on November 27 and 28, BTS successfully held 2 nights of Permission To Dance On Stage concert at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California.  For most of the more than 70,000 ARMYs in attendance, seeing BTS perform live after 2 years was a dream come true.  But for some other audiences, it was a nightmare.

BTS LA concert injured fans
BTS successfully held 2 nights of their concert in the US after nearly 2 years
BTS LA concert injured fans
But why has the concert turned into a nightmare for many ARMYs?

While watching the concert, many ARMYs encountered both sasaengs (crazy fans) and fansites.  Instead of enjoying the performance, the fansite photographers managed to bring professional cameras with lenses to take pictures of the show without permission.

BTS LA concert injured fans
Image of a fansite photographer engrossed in taking pictures without caring what’s going on

An ARMY revealed a horrifying experience at the concert. She shared the reality that happened at that time: “Today at the BTS Permission to Dance (PTD), a girl next to me and I were rudely ambushed by a fansite. She kept sticking her huge camera next to us and hitting our heads with it. They say in our seats and didn’t care when we kept telling them to get out. She then pushed me hard to the point where I fell and hit my chair so hard. That’s when I lost it and screamed at her to get lost and we screamed for security. These fansites will do anything to get the perfect shot even at the expense of others.”

BTS LA concert injured fans

The unlucky ARMY added that a second fansite appeared as well, who was a friend of the person who assaulted her.  Both of them sneaked into the VIP area, taking the other’s place.  She said that most of the people sitting in this area have become victims of fansites.

Many comments have also confirmed that what this ARMY said is true.  About 20 people called for security but no one helped them.  Many people also witnessed the uproar in the area from afar.

BTS LA concert injured fans
One commenter advised the owner to call the security team, but this girl claimed to have tried to call but no one came to help them.

Many fans who can’t attend the concert want to see full HD photos from fansites. However, defying the concert’s chaos and causing harm to others because of the beautiful photos is obviously not recommended.

BTS LA concert injured fans
Many people’s live experience at the concert was severely affected by the chaos coming from the fansites

Furthermore, bringing cameras with professional lenses into the stadium is strictly prohibited.  According to the SoFi stadium website regarding BTS concerts, certain devices are prohibited, including all non-mobile video recording devices.  Of course, cameras with professional lenses, especially those longer than 6 inches, are not allowed.  However, many fansites had defied these rules. 

BTS LA concert injured fans
BTS certainly don’t want fans to have a bad experience during their concert.


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