Brave Girls Yoo-jung, “I need to match well with my lover in terms of skinship” (Love Recall)

“Love Recall” Yoo-jung said that physical contact with your lover is important.

On KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Love Recall,” which aired on August 29th, a 23-year-old Recall Man revealed the story of his breakup with his first love X.

Recall Man and X, who were both working as SNS models, got to know each other through SNS, so they contacted each other through DM and started dating each other. The Recall Man, who had gone out with X for about a year, said, “She is the first girl I dated since I became an adult,” adding, “I’m lazy, but she kept taking me out. I was too lazy to take photos and stuff, but I started doing it for X,” he said, adding that he still couldn’t forget his first love X, who is very different from him, and that he wanted to recall their breakup.

Jang Young-ran asked, “Did you like other parts of her too?” Recall Man said, “Seeing X working hard inspired me to do better. We had a really healthy relationship.” At the studio, Sung Yu-ri said, “They may be different, maybe that’s why they were a good match,” but Yang Se-hyung said, “But in the end, they still break up because of their difference.”

He also revealed why they broke up. “I can’t drink alcohol, while X has to drink two or three bottles before she starts to get drunk. She still goes on SNS when she drinks, but she doesn’t contact me. I’m her boyfriend, but I have to know about that through her SNS just like everyone else.

In addition, Recall Man said, “X needs to know the valid proof and reason to solve the problem, while I don’t usually talk because I know that the problem won’t be resolved unless X says it accurately.” Sung Yu-ri felt sorry, saying, “But you still have to talk.”

I gave her the ring I was wearing as a present, and she lost it. I thought she lost it after taking it off while working at a food delivery store. I asked other employees to look carefully for me because she might have lost it in the store. However, X was worried that we might appear to be suspicious of the employees,” he said, adding that they broke up because of such conflicts and intense emotion.

The Recall Man apologized and tried to hang on to her the next day, but X has already made up her mind. Recall Nam said, “I don’t have many friends who encouraged, paid attention to, and created synergy in what I am doing,” explaining why he wanted to make up with X again.

Afterward, the cast started discussing the theme of “I and my lover have to match with each other in terms of this”. They mentioned personality, taste, and physical affection came out, and Yoo-jung immediately responded to the answer of physical affection, saying, “That is important.” 

In response, Jang Young-ran asked Yoo-jung, “I think skinship would be important, but what kind of skinship are we talking about?” However, Yoo-jung soon remembered her idol’s ego and said, “What is it?” and “I don’t know,” drawing laughter.

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