Actress Ha Yoon Kyung reveals what it was like working with her “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” co-stars 

Ha Yoon Kyung shared her impressions of acting alongside Park Eun Bin, Kang Ki Young, and Joo Jong Hyuk.

In an interview with Wikitree on August 22nd, Ha Yoon Kyung expressed her affection for the rest of the leading cast of ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, whom she recently worked with. 

Previously in one of his interviews, Kang Ki Young described Ha Yoon Kyung as a “female version of Kang Ki Young”. In response, Ha Yoon Kyung said, “Ki Young oppa is a fun person who is good at cracking jokes. I find it funny so I respond to everything he says, and he likes it so much that the jokes are never-ending.”

She added, “We share similar values. He told me, ‘I feel like I see my young self in you. Our personalities are alike’ a lot.” 

Although Ha Yoon Kyung and Park Eun Bin are of the same age, Park Eun Bin is Ha Yoon Kyung’s senior in the industry. When asked about Park Eun Bin, Ha Yoon Kyung said, “Eun Bin puts a smile on everyone’s face. She is also good at self-control. She’s very professional, so I always wanted to joke around and tease her.”

She continued, “Perhaps because I don’t have many friends like her, I like Eun Bin so much. I felt proud when she was laughing at the silly things I said. I went to work with the thought of making Eun Bin laugh.” 

Ha Yoon Kyung added, “Eun Bin is the kind of friend who motivates you. I like that I could learn a lot from her. I felt a sense of reassurance from her that I couldn’t feel from even big seniors. I always felt comfortable and reassured when filming with Eun Bin. Our conversations go well.”

As for Joo Jong Hyuk, who played Kwon Min Woo and had a loveline with Ha Yoon Kyung’s character, she said, “He is the actor I got close to the most quickly. He has a very nice personality. No matter how much I joke around, he laughs. Even though I’m younger, I feel thankful because during filming, he would ask me about how I feel in a humble way. I think it’s because he trusts and respects me.”

Ha Yoon Kyung then revealed how she helped Joo Jong Hyuk deal with negative comments he faced due to his antagonist role. She said, “At first, he told me there were a lot of malicious comments about him, so I told him not to mind them, but there were hateful comments that were so serious. So I said to him, ‘They are just people who try to undermine others’ lives because theirs suck. Just feel sorry for them and ignore them.’ He thanked me for that.”

She continued, “Jong Hyuk oppa said he would stop caring about such comments, but from what I see, he still seems to care. I think he must have been hurt, so I swore at those comments for him. Actually, we were just bickering and comforting one another once in a while. He feels like both a real older brother and younger brother to me.”

Source: wikitree

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