Brave Girls regrettably disbands, what will the members do now? 

Brave Girls left the agency Brave Entertainment and went their separate ways.

Brave Entertainment announced on February 16th that all members of Brave Girls, Minyoung, Yoojung, Eunji, and Yuna, will leave the agency due to the expiration of their exclusive contracts.

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The members also shared their feelings of regret as they finished Brave Girls activities through their Instagram. Yoojung said, “It is more heartbreaking and upsetting to disband now, as we have achieved bigger things than two years ago, when we first decided to disband.” Eunji expressed her gratitude, saying, “We had a precious and dream-like time during the last two years.”

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The turning point of Brave Girls is the resurgence of “Rolin’” on the charts. Two years ago, a video of “Rolin’” went viral on YouTube, drawing attention to the song. Brave Girls, who was on the brink of disbandment, grew into a popular girl group thanks to the syndrome-like craze of “Rolin’”. 

Thanks to the success of “Rolin’”, Brave Girls got out of disbandment in the first place. The members’ positive energy and delightful wit were highly praised. They also performed well in various entertainment programs.

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In the summer of that year, Brave Girls made an official comeback. With the summer song “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, Brave Girls showed their aspirations to become the new “Summer Queen” of K-pop. It was perfect as a summer song, but it was not enough to overcome the “Rolin’” craze.

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In March of the following year, they made an ambitious comeback with “Thank You,” but fans pointed out problems with the styling such as outfits and makeup. To make it worse, Brave Girls competed on Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, but ended up being in last place.

After that, it was difficult to see Brave Girls as a whole. Then, ahead of their 7th debut anniversary, rumors of disbandment circulated. The agency only said that it was difficult to reveal their position on the contract renewal.

And on the day of the 7th anniversary of their debut, the news of Brave Girls leaving Brave Entertainment was finally delivered.

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The last single prepared for the fans, “Goodbye” was released. Fans are regretting the end of Brave Girls and at the same time expressing their disappointment with Brave Girls not being able to do more music activities after their reverse success.

As each member has both their skills and visuals, fans believe that if Brave Brothers’ support was better, Brave Girls would succeed even more.

Now, attention is focused on what the four Brave Girls members who have decided to walk separate paths will do in the future. 

Source: Daum

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