Bong Jun-ho’s next film will be a SF starring Robert Pattinson

Director Bong Joon-ho will join hands with Warner Bros to create a science fiction film. The main character has already been chosen as Robert Pattinson.    

U.S. film media such as Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline have reported on Jan 20th about director Bong‘s next film. According to these media outlets, director Bong’s upcoming film is based on Edward Ashton’s “Mickey 7,” which has yet to be published. Based on the original work, director Bong is expected to adapt the novel in his own style, and the title of the movie has not yet been decided.

Bong Junho

Mickey 7” is scheduled to be published next month. The story is about an expedition sent to colonize Niflheim, a frozen world. “Mickey 7” is a clone who is in charge of the dirty work. At the end of their lifespan, they are replaced by other cloned humans, and their memories so far will be transplanted into the new cloned humans. The plot will intensify after “Mickey 7,” who is about to die, finds out his fate when he meets “Mickey 8.” St. Martin, the book publisher, explained, “The book feels like the movie ‘Martian‘ has met the American drama ‘Dark Matter‘.” “Martian” is a movie about an astronaut being left alone on Mars, and “Dark Matter” depicts the mysteries of people who woke up without memories on a spaceship in the distant future.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was earlier decided to take on the main character role of a Clone Human. Pattinson became well-known after playing a charismatic vampire in the movie series “Twilight” (2008). Since then, he has shown many transformations in acting through various works, such as “Good Time” (2018), “Lighthouse” (2019), and “Tenet” (2020). Robert Pattinson has drawn high expectations for his appearance as the new Bruce Wayne in “The Batman”, which will be released in March this year.

Bong Joon ho

This film will be produced by director Bong’s production company Offscreen, Kate Street Picture Company of producer Choi Doo-ho who also participated in making the movie “Okja”, and Plan B.

After winning four Academy Awards for “Parasite” in 2020”, Director Bong has received numerous calls. Over the past 2 years, 3-4 projects of his are known to have been in progress or scheduled. He is planning on HBO’s “Parasite” spin-off series with Adam Mckay (“Big Shot”, “Don’t Look Up”). He is also preparing a horror-action movie set in Seoul, an English version of a movie based on a true story that happened in 2016, and an animation. Variety said, “This movie will be director Bong’s second project with Warner and his first feature film after Parasite”

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