BLACKPINK’s Lisa stole the show while leaving WINNER’s concert, looking stellar under the flashlight

A series of photos of Lisa smiling while leaving the concert of WINNER is going viral across the net. 

With her outstanding visuals, Lisa of BLACKPINK is constantly the talk of the town. On May 1st, the female idol appeared at WINNER’s concert and kept her face covered throughout the show. However, she immediately became a hot topic upon leaving, via a series of photos of her looking adorable under the flashlight.

Having not seen fans for quite a while, Lisa happily interacted with fans waiting for her, and was looking drop-dead gorgeous despite her light makeup. Even in zoomed-in photos, Lisa’s blemishless skin and sunshine expressions shined through, while her bright blond hair made the idol look like a whole goddess. 

The idol’s smile and her blond hair lit up the night. Can this be a literal “sunshine smile”?
Lisa appeared at WINNER’s concert to support her close seniors, only to steal the show with her visuals. The idol was just the cutest and most beautiful, despite her light makeup.
Even in zoomed-in photos, Lisa’s skin remained absolutely flawless. The actress also boasted her gorgeous side profile, high nose bridge, and adorable deer-like eyes. 
Lisa’s skin and cute expression totally defeated the glaring flashlight and odd photo angle. 
Even the toughest hearts would melt against Lisa’s loving gaze. 
Lisa, along with iKON’s Dong Hyuk, attended WINNER’s concert together on May 1st, and enjoyed the night quietly. 


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