BLACKPINK’s latest comeback is lackluster and “milking” fans dry?

While BLACKPINK members love their fans dearly, their latest comeback maybe too focused on the numbers

BLACKPINK recently made their return as a full group with their 2nd regular album “BORN PINK”, the pre-release single “Pink Venom”, and the title song “Shut Down”. After making their fans wait for 2 long years, however, BLACKPINK’s latest comeback is being said to be “milking”. 

On September 25th, BLACKPINK held their 1st fansign in Korea after a long 2 year period. However, despite this being their only fansign for the comeback, it was not well-prepared: held in the middle of a noisy mall without any equipment for fun special stages. While the BLACKPINK members clearly showed their love towards fans and performed all sorts of fan service, the lack of chances for them to meet fans and convey their love is apparent. 

In addition, BLACKPINK only have 2 stages for “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down” on the Korean music program Inkigayo. Due to this lack of promotion, the group had no chance to perform an encore stage despite winning numerous cups.

As BLACKPINK barely appears in Korea, fans expect that the girl group will at least have decent promotion in the U.S. What they received instead is an ill-prepared stage on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with poor camera and lighting, and was even disrespected by the MC. 

Despite not releasing any contents for fans except for a fansign and two stages, YG Entertainment also produced numerous album versions and related merchandise to “milk” money from fans. At the same time, the agency took no action at all against malicious comments, defamation, and the ongoing privacy breach directed at BLACKPINK members.

As fans of BLACKPINK have been waiting for almost 2 years, netizens believe that they deserve more than the treatment that YG has been giving them. BLACKPINK members have been trying their best to convey their sincere love, but constant issues regarding their promotion and the lack of content can leave their fandom tired. 

Hopefully, with BLACKPINK’s approaching world tour and passion for the stage, the group will be able to explode further and provide fans with more contents.

Source: yan

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