BLACKPINK’s Jennie Criticized Not Only Because She Smoked

Even after BLACKPINK’s Jennie made her official apology, her indoor smoking controversy is still a hot topic

On July 10th, an article by My Daily titled “The main problem is not about Jennie smoking” gained huge attention from netizens. The reporter who wrote this article emphasized, “The controversy is because of not only indoor smoking but also Jennie’s inconsideration toward people around her”.

Netizens actually criticized Jennie for her impolite and rude behavior of blowing e-cigarette smoke into the face of her staff. The reporter claimed that it was disrespectful and rude to people around her regardless of whether Jennie would be penalized or not. Smoking is her freedom but she is not free to do so when there are people around her.

Blackpink jennie my daily

Jennie is mature enough to smoke, but the problem is whether she was allowed to smoke in that place and whether her action caused inconvenience to others. Jennie may face penalties if she smokes in non-smoking areas. Many people are annoyed by Jennie’s inconsiderate action of blowing smoke in front of her staff because the smoke from e-cigarettes is very dangerous.

In fact, Jennie is not the first celebrity who caused controversy over smoking indoors. In April last year, Kian84 was also fined 100,000 won for smoking while filming SNL Korea. Ji Chang-wook also suffered harsh criticism when he was found to have been smoking on the set while filming “Welcome to Samdalri”.

Meanwhile, Jennie’s smoking controversy broke out on July 8th as a cut from Jennie’s Vlog video capturing the actress vaping indoors spread on social media. In particular, the BLACKPINK member was seen putting the vape in her mouth then blowing the smoke in front of her makeup artist while preparing for the fashion show in Jacquemus, Italy.

The smoking video was shared widely and even rose to No.1 on Weibo’s search. Noticing the issue, Jennie’s agency immediately deleted the scene from the Vlog video and released an official apology but the female idol is still being criticized a lot by netizens.

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