BLACKPINK’s Jennie Used To Hate People Smoking?

Netizens found out that BLACKPINK’s Jennie used to dislike people smoking but she’s one of the smokers now

A netizen made a post in Nate Pann titled, “BLACKPINK’s Jennie used to hate smokers”, drawing keen attention from netizens. In particular, the post contains photos captured from a video in which Jennie noticed someone smoking on the street and said, “Stop smoking. Go to the place for smokers”.

The netizen added, “But now she even smoked in front of her makeup staff”.


In response, other netizens commented:

– Because she didn’t smoke back then… I’m a smoker now and when I was a non-smoker, I also didn’t understand why people smoked and used to tell the kids who smoked to quit

– Well, it was from a very long time ago. I know it’s better to avoid smoking as much as possible, but I later became into smoking without realizing itㅋㅋ But there are a lot of girls who smoke e-cigarettes right? Many university students look like they would stay away from smoking, but during breaks, I saw them with e-cigarettes 

– Smoking indoors is such a bad behavior but saying it will ruin celebrities’ images is kinda like an exaggeration. She’s already an artist, not a rookie who has to show her cuteness all the time. It’s understandable if she really smokes

– Well, I’m not trying to shield her but that’s what you will say at a place with many people. Especially when you’re a celebrity whose face is shown to the public, it’s normal to say that in front of the camera. Maybe she didn’t smoke back then

– Was it from when she was a non-smoker? I think many non-smokers start smoking after working in the entertainment industry

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