BLACKPINK through the eyes of the music professionals: Rosé is a sought-after vocalist while Lisa is praised for her outstanding body control 

Years of working hard in the industry have brought BLACKPINK countless praises from the industry professionals. 

Lisa is a rare Thai idol who receives fame and popularity after her debut in Korea. She is called the “dancing machine” of BLACKPINK. On stage, all the moves are executed perfectly and smoothly. 

In a talk with AYO TV, two professional dancers Sara nad Lee Bo Min picked Lisa to be the female idol with the best choreographic skills and form while performing. According to Sara: “She’s very good. She knows how to make herself look attractive, and her facial expressions are also great.” 


Lee Bo Min affirmed how Lisa moved her body to portray the lyrics of the song makes her shine: “Her body proportions are beautiful. She is beyond my imagination.” 

On the vocal ability of Rosé, the idol is remarked by vocal trainer Shin Yoo Min of Produce 101 to “have such a naturally nice voice.” As a vocal trainer for the group 5 to 6 years prior to their debut, she commented, “Everyone was good, but I especially liked Rosé’s voice.”

With fair skin and platinum blond hair, Rosé seemed to glow and was compared to an angel

Before her debut with BLACKPINK, Rosé has the chance to feature in “Without You” by G-Dragon (BIGBANG) where the male rapper praised Rosé for her vocal ability in performing the song, “She’s very young but her voice is great. Hers is my favorite tone.” 

IU could not escape the magic cast by Rosé’s voice. When she was asked which singer the “Lilac” singer wanted to collaborate with the most, IU picked Rosé right away, stating because her voice was captivating. 

Jisoo blackpink seoul concert

In the documentary “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky,” Teddy shared that, through his eyes, Jisoo had a bold personality whose emotions could hardly be understood through expressions. He also revealed that Jisoo only cried once during their six years of knowing each other. Jisoo, in Teddy’s words, is smart, communicative and resourceful. 

BLACKPINK Jennie Vogue

On Jennie, Teddy said that the female rapper was clear in showing her emotions and opinions. She was a perfectionist. 

Source: YAN News 

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