“BLACKPINK The Movie” ranked #3 in the list of Korean movies that are being illegally distributed the most on overseas sites

Illegal distribution of Korean films has become more serious this year. Accordingly, “BLACKPINK The Movie” was found to be one of the most frequently seen movies on overseas websites.

According to data released by Rep. Yoo Jung-joo, a member of the National Assembly’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee on October 12th, there are 110 Korean films published from March 21st to July 31st. Out of the 80 films that were released online, 76 were illegally distributed, which accounts for 95%. Korean films that have been deleted due to illegal distribution this year were “Sinkhole”, “The Witch: Part.2”, “Mogadishu”, “Train to Busan” and “#Alive”. Meanwhile, films that were most frequently caught on major overseas websites were “Mogadishu”, “Train to Busan” and “BLACKPINK The Movie”.

After receiving requests for responses to the illegal distribution of Korean movies on domestic and overseas websites from production companies, the Korea Film Council has launched an “investigation on the illegal distribution of movies online and measures to protect copyrights”. Through this, they will track and delete videos if they are confirmed “illegal” to prevent the spread of illegal distribution.

The Korean Film Council monitored 53,105 cases of illegal distribution in 2018 and deleted 95.8% (50,856 cases) of them. Last year, 255,781 cases were detected, but the deletion rate was only 70.7% (180,950 cases). As of September this year, the number of illegal distributed cases nearly tripled to 243241 cases, however, the deletion rate dropped sharply to 53.3% (137019 cases).

In the case of China, where websites, apps, and set-top boxes were monitored altogether, you can find many new Korean movies on websites and old movies on apps and set-top boxes through illegal distributions. Illegal distribution through closed SNS, such as Facebook, Telegram, etc., increased 53.2% from 2007 last year to 3,075 in the same period this year.

Rep. Yoo Jung-joo pointed out, “In the case of movies released online, 95% of them are on in the illegal distribution market. Producers who have not applied for copyright protection projects should at least consider including small and medium-sized producers and distributors in their projects as it is difficult to monitor and respond to whether their works are being illegally distributed”, adding “Under the current law, infringement through link sites is not regarded as copyright infringement. We have already proposed an amendment to the Copyright Act, which includes disclosing or linking illegal link sites to copyright infringement, as it is necessary to quickly review and expand the scope of copyright infringement.”

Source: segye

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