BLACKPINK Rosé shows full support for Jisoo’s solo debut, “Stream, go go!”

Rosé, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, shows her determination in supporting the solo debut of fellow member Jisoo. 

On April 1st, Rosé posted a photo and video on her social media account, along with the caption, “Congratulations to Jisoo, let’s stream ‘Flower’ non-stop !!! Stream, go go!!!”.


In the released video, Rosé can be seen watching Jisoo’s “Flower” music video with her mouth wide open, reacting and even singing along, attracting attention. As soon as the music video ended, she exclaimed, “Amazing!”

Seeing Rosé’s acts of support, Jisoo responded with gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Chaeyoung!” 

rose jisoo

Meanwhile, with her solo debut album“ME” released on March 31st, Jisoo is setting unprecedented records.

In particular, the MV for the title track, “Flower”, surpassed 37 million views on YouTube within just 20 hours of its release. The album also recorded over 870,000 sales on the first day, setting the highest record for a K-pop female solo artist.

Source: OSEN

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