BLACKPINK Rosé’s “tattoo” fully unveiled at recent event

Previously, BLACKPINK member Rosé have revealed to fans the true meaning behind the “tattoo” on her arm.

On March 29th (local time), BLACKPINK Rosé attended an event of beauty brand Sulwhasoo, which was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York, USA.


Prior to attending the event, Rosé had a photo time in front of reporters and fans, and make various poses such as blowing kisses an making hearts with her hands. It was here that fans can clearly spot a “dotted shaped” on the female idol’s arm.

Previously, several fans of BLACKPINK spotted the same mysterious mark on BLACKPINK Rosé during a concert performance, raising curiosity. 

At the time, many people thought that Rosé had an injury, but others believe that this may be a tattoo. Through the Sulwhasoo event, however, it can be seen that the mark was a tattoo of the letter “h.”

blackpink rose tattoo

In addition, Twitter user “@_youimma” revealed that she had a conversation with Rosé. During this conversation, Rosé admitted to having a temporary tattoo on her arm, and it was the letter “h.” – which is short for Rosé’s dog, Hank. 

“Chaeyoung said that the tattoo on her arm would disappear after a while. When I asked what shape it was, Chaeyoung was very shy and told me to try guessing it. Turns out it’s an H for Hank”, the fan wrote.

According to the same fan, Rosé was extremely shy before admitting to her tattoo.

Source: Twitter

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