BLACKPINK Lisa enjoys watching “Spy x Family” anime, even “cosplayed” as Anya Forger 

Fans showed enthusiastic response at the Lisa version of Anya Forger from Japanese animated series “Spy x Family”

Lalisa Manoban, often known as Lisa, is a Thai member of world-famous Kpop group BLACKPINK. Lisa is the youngest member of BLACKPINK and the 3rd to debut solo, with her single “LALISA” released back in September 2021. Both her title “LALISA” and b-side song “MONEY” achieved remarkable successes, making Lisa one of the most iconic female solo artists in the Kpop industry.

Popular, influential, and successful as she is, Lisa is also a relatable person, who enjoys watching K-dramas and also Japanese animated series (anime).

In fact, in a recent interview, the female idol revealed she has been watching the anime series “Spy X Family” during her free time.

In particular, Lisa said: “I often play with my cats, but these days I have been watching anime. “Spy X Family” is currently on my watch list, and the pink-haired girl (Anya Forger) is so cute. The experience of watching this anime is very healing to me.

Following Lisa’s revelation, a fan edited Lisa to have pink hair and the iconic hair ornaments like Anya Forger, and their post on Twitter has gone viral. Apparently, the original photos came from Lisa’s trip to Paris to attend the 2023 Spring Summer Fashion Show of CELINE Men, where she showed up with platinum blond hair. 

Below are the original photos with blonde Lisa:

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