BLACKPINK Jennie’s latest solo song was recorded years ago but YG didn’t release it? 

Jennie’s solo “You & Me” that created much buzz during BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” tour was prepared a few years ago.

During BLACKPINK‘s World Tour “Born Pink”, Jennie stunned fans with her solo performance of the unreleased song “You & Me.” The first concert in Seoul was the first time “You & Me” was introduced to fans. With a catchy sound combined with artistic choreography, “You & Me” became an instant hit among fans even though it has yet to come out on streaming platforms. 

Jennie blackpink seoul concert
“You&Me” performance at “Born Pink” Seoul concert 
Jennie BLACKPINK Seoul concert
Jennie combines contemporary dance – singing – rap – choreography in the same stage

Jennie recently released a vlog about the process of practicing and preparing for her “You & Me” performance at “Born Pink”. What Jennie revealed in this video surprised fans. Besides admiring Jennie for her professionalism and devotion, fans expressed their frustration with YG for not releasing “You & Me” when Jennie made her solo debut. 

Behind the scenes of Jennie’s “You & Me” stage

Jennie said in the video, “It’s a song called ‘You & Me’. I did the recording about 3 to 4 years ago. I think it was on the list of nominees for my solo… or maybe it was after that. It was in the closet for a while, but while I was preparing for this concert. I thought about what kind of performances and songs I wanted to do, and looked through songs with Teddy. We decided to bring out that song we liked and that’s when we started to prepare for it.”

Blackpink Jennie
Jennie revealed You & Me was recorded 3-4 years ago
Blackpink Jennie
Jennie participated in every stage of preparation for her solo stage

Jennie also revealed how she worked on the “You & Me” stage with the choreographers. Jennie personally participated in directing her solo performance, from the choreography to the stage design. 

Blackpink Jennie
Blackpink Jennie
Jennie worked with the choreographers 

When the video was released, BLINKs were upset because “You & Me” was “kept in the dungeon” for a long time as YG Entertainment didn’t let Jennie release it earlier. When Jennie made a solo debut, she only dropped one song, “SOLO”. Now that “You & Me” has been introduced, fans hope YG will release the song digitally. 

Source: k14. 

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