BLACKPINK Jennie evil-edited by reporters, accused of having “bad attitude” at the airport

Jennie of BLACKPINK is facing various controversies regarding her work attitude. However, netizens are defending her. 

Recently, an article titled “BLACKPINK Jennie’s lonely back view” was published by the media outlet Newsens. The article features various photos of Jennie as the female idol arrived at Gimpo airport in Korea, after completing her schedule with BLACKPINK in France. In the photos, Jennie can be seen turning her back to the camera without looking back, covered from head to toe. 

In addition, a video of BLACKPINK’s arrival was also published on Newsen’s official YouTube channel, with a thumbnail showing all 4 members of BLACKPINK. In the thumbnail, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo also acted friendly towards the reports, while Jennie covered her face and looked away, creating a stark contrast. 

Following the release of the aforementioned article and video, a post titled “What’s wrong with Jennie’s attitude” was published on the Korean forum pann. The post was filled with negative comments regarding Jennie’s attitude, as well as comparison to other members. 

Under the comment section, a netizen even brought up Jennie’s performance at the recent Hong Kong concert, saying that as a celebrity, Jennie is not being professional and asking the female idol to “fix her attitude”. 

The thumbnail, which shows a stark contrast between Jennie and other members

However, most netizens jumped to defend Jennie instead of condemning her. Fans in particular, shared the full video of BLACKPINK’s arrival, where Jennie can be seen bowing deeply to the audience before getting in her car. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Why are you like this, original poster? It’s pathetic to spread malicious accusations 
  • She bowed in the full video, all of these are evil-edited to make Jennie look bad
  • Reporters always swamp idols at the airport and shove the cameras and flash lights in their faces, yet the idol can’t be dissatisfied at all. The reporters are truly evil. 
  • Why did you cut off the full video? Post the full one where Jennie can be seen bowing 

Source: Pann, Newsens

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